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Direct Marketing and International Direct Mailing Service

Direct Marketing and International Direct Mailing Service

– Our services like Search Italian Email Addresses, Email Pec (Italian Certified Email) and Traditional Enterprises and Professionals, are aimed at actions Sending Massive Email or Direct Mailing Post. Addresses can then be printed on envelopes or by printing Labels.

In conjunction with these services you can Printing, Enveloping and Mailing of advertising material, envelopes, brochures, catalogs, leaflets, commercial invoices, with the best rates available in the market. E can also add to the envelopes Printing Italians Bulletin Post Pre-printed or other material Precompiled.

Another area in which we operate is the Fundraising for that is the non-profit and Nonprofit Organizations that can benefit from the synergy of all the services listed above.

The private owners of one or more apartments can benefit from a service Reservation for Rent Apartments.

Services dedicated entirely to the Company are that for Tourism Marketing, the Real Estate Marketing and Corporate Marketing, the creation of the Web Site or Ecommerce, positioning and Advertising on Google.

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